The Messenger of God Shalallahu 'Alaihi Wassalam

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There’s no 
reason to denied you..
You’re a descent of the world of the Universe..
How can’t I ain’t love you even I never felt your breathe..
You’re a miracle the poetry of paradise..

The M.O.G
I can feel all…

Your existance innersoul..
Can I be…

One of your love, one to serve you…
I’ll give my life all my life..
I’m yours, your martyr..

Alone penceiving in silent dark before going down..
And now you’ll seen what you’ve done to me..
When I’m crying to my self, I realized that you’re the one..
Imagine if you’re not mine, I will definetely be blind..

Change your vision control your lust..
Believe me..

Cuz everything will be proved with the truth at the last..
Death soon will come..
God never shows..
You’ll never 
Wether you meet the dark or you’ll be in the bright..

Allahuma shali alaihi Muhammad, Ya Rabbi shali alaihi wasssalam..
Allahuma shali ala Muhammad, Ya Rabbi shali ala Muhammad..

By : Purgatory

Image by : Waseef Akhtar

Andrie Whe

Seseorang yang ini terus bernilai!

Ketika senang datang, aku menikmatinya.. Ketika susah datang, aku berusaha menikmatinya.. Dan ketika susah itu terlalu menyakitkan lalu emosiku kalah telak, aku andalkan sisi spiritualku untuk mengakses nilai yang lebih tinggi yang terdapat di dalamnya.. Dan semua menjadi sederhana dibuatnya..

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