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Where not met a long time ..
The sound of it is lost slowly ..
So what?
What is sacred earth had been free?
Or still need a helping hand and a prayer?
Still not out of memory ..
Tears of women, children and parents ..
Flowing on the horizon rises the morning sun and a long night ..
But when asked, they simply replie :
Let us fight for the freedom of our homeland, just help us with prayer and a helping hand ..
Because we still have a Allah ..
And He promised us victory or paradise ..
What a glorious statement ..
And what a happy and jealous self, to feel humiliated ..
Happy, because it was so happy to hear their words ..
Jealous, because they were promised two things ..
Win or heaven in every second, minute and hour ..
Feeling humiliated because, what have I done for Allah, Islam and His Messenger?

Andrie Whe

Seseorang yang ini terus bernilai!

Ketika senang datang, aku menikmatinya.. Ketika susah datang, aku berusaha menikmatinya.. Dan ketika susah itu terlalu menyakitkan lalu emosiku kalah telak, aku andalkan sisi spiritualku untuk mengakses nilai yang lebih tinggi yang terdapat di dalamnya.. Dan semua menjadi sederhana dibuatnya..

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